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There are many spelling variations for the Clan Kennedy surname. Included are families (known as Septs) with different surnames from the original Clan name. Throughout the centuries, surnames have continued to “develop” often leading to astonishing variants of the original Kennedy spelling. 

The Kennedy Clan Crest which, all members are entitled to wear, is from the crest on the top of the Clan Kennedy Chief’s “Coat of Arms”. The complete Kennedy Coat of Arms is displayed only by the Clan Chief and passes down directly to his eldest son. The wearing of your Clan Chief’s Crest, is a way of honoring your Chief, your Clan association and your Scottish Family Ancestry.

We make this range of Clan Kennedy Crest Jewelry and Wall Crest as your link to your Scottish bloodline. 

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Clan Chief:            Marquess of Ailsa, Archibald Angus Charles Kennedy

Gaelic Name:        Ceannaideach (Head of the Clan)

Clan Crest:            A dolphin

Clan Motto:          Avise la fin (Consider the end)

Lands:                    Carrick, Ayrshire, Lochaber and Sky

The Kennedy’s dominated the lands of Carrick in Ayrshire, in southwestern Scotland, for so many centuries. The clan originating from a branch of the Celtic lords of Galloway, descended from ‘Mac’ Duncan de Carrick, he was made Earl of Carrick “The Chief of the Kennedy clan.” in 1228. The first mention of that name was Gilbert Mac Kennedi, he witnessed a Charter granting lands in Carrick to Melrose Abby in the early reign of King William the Lion.

The first use of the Kennedy name, was John Kennedy de Carrick, (c.1306 – 1385), Danure Castle, Scotland. Although he was born a Carrick, he changed his name to Kennedy. He aquired lands at Cassilis about 1360 with the marriage to Mary (Elizabeth) Montgomerie, heiress to Sir Neil Montgomerie of Cassilis. The Kennedys claimed blood kinship with the Earls of Carrick and supported Bruce before and through the Wars of Scottish Independence. They were well rewarded when Robert 11 confirmed John Kennedy of Dunure as chief of his name and Baillie of Carrick in 1372.

The Kennedys rose in stature with the marriage of Sir James Kennedy (c.1390 – 1408), to the daughter of King Robert 3rd, Earl of Carrick, Lady Mary Stewart, about 1395. Their son, Robert, was created Lord Kennedy in 1452, and his brother James (1408 – 1465) was Bishop of Dunkeld and Archvishop of St Andrews. Sir James Kennedys marriage certainly paved the way for the Kennedys at the Royal court which was to last for three hundred years with their fortunes considerably boosted.

The Kennedy chiefs and clansmen had their fair share of violent deaths, both on and off the battlefields.        

*David Kennedy, 3rd Lord Kennedy, was created the First Earl of Cassilis in 1502. He fought at the Battle of Flodden in 1513 where he was slain.                                             

*Gilbert Kennedy  2nd  Earl was murdered by Sir Hugh Campbell of Loudon, Sheriff of Ayr, having unsuccessfully attempted to rescue the young King James V.                                

*Gilbert Kennedy,  3rd Earl suspected poisoning by the French, while attending the marriage of Mary Queen of Scots to the Dauphin. He died at Dieppe, France, in 1558.

When John Kennedy, 8th Earl of Cassilis (1700 – 1759) died without heirs, there was a three–year court dispute to determine his successor. The Cassilis  title and the Kennedy Chiefship was finally found in favour of  Sir Thomas Kennedy of Culzean.  Succeded by his brother David in 1775, it was he who commissioned the architect Robert Adam to build the castle at Culzean, on the site of an ancient Kennedy castle. This is now considered by many as Adam’s finest work. Culzean Castle has been the seat of the Chief of the Kennedys since the 15th century and was handed over by the Kennedys to the National Trust for Scotland in 1945. They continued to stay in the west wing of the castle for a number of years before moving to Cassillis House.

The present day Chief, is Marquess of Ailsa, Archibald Angus Charles Kennedy, (19th Earl of Cassillis) he continues to use Cassillis House as the family home.

Many of the Kennedys went south to Dublin and mingled with the Irish clan. Because of this interaction, the Chief of Kennedy recognises all Kennedys as part of the clan.

The Kennedy Clan crest depicts a dolphin swimming and the proud Kennedy clan motto reads "Avise la fin" which means "Consider the end"

 Our Scottish Heritage is the common bond that unites our Kennedy family name forever.


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